Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation and an important carrier of Chinese culture.More and more countries have taken the Spring Festival as their holiday, and more foreign friends hope to learn Chinese culture and understand Chinese society through the Spring Festival.

In 2010, the Ministry of Culture, in conjunction with various departments, selected more than 60 projects from more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) throughout the country and successfully visited more than 40 countries and regions by taking "Happy New Year harmonious World" as the theme and "Happy New Year" as a brand. Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, this was the time that our country has attracted the largest number of viewers in cultural propaganda and public diplomacy in the same time period, with the most countries involved around the same theme. At one time, a strong whirlwind of Chinese culture has formed all over the world, fully demonstrating the unique charm of Chinese culture and the good image of modern China.

"Happy New Year" has advocated the concept of "joy", "harmony", "sharing" and "blessing", and highlighted the theme of "Happy New Year and harmonious world", which reflects the good wishes of the Chinese nation and the aspirations of people all over the world.The extensive overseas activities of "Happy New Year" provide a great stage for Chinese culture to go to the world and a good window for the world to understand China.Since the "Happy New Year" was launched, it has been widely welcomed and actively participated in both at home and abroad. The scale is getting larger and larger, the participants are increasing, the content is more and more abundant, the response is getting more and more enthusiastic, and the influence of the activity is rising rapidly, which has vigorously promoted China's Spring Festival to become …. of the five continents.

In 2018, "integration" became the main feature of "Happy New Year" activities, including the integration of ideas, showing cultural connotation; integrated with the local, more grounded and more centered; integration of content forms with frequent innovation highlights; integrated with local development to fully release the platform effect;Integrated with the market and strengthened marketing.We believe that the "Happy New Year", a cultural brand that has lasted for nine years, not only presents the unique charm of Chinese culture, but also makes the Spring Festival, the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, radiate new vitality on a global scale.

The Happy New Year of 2018 in Zhejiang

In 2018, it was Chinese lunar year Wuxu (year of the Dog).In order to let people from all over the world and overseas Chinese feel the atmosphere of the Lunar New year at close range, appreciate the unique Zhejiang culture and experience the charm of the traditional Spring Festival.From January to March, the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province organized 16 cultural teams of nearly 380 person-times to 30 cities in 16 countries around the world and in the Macao Special Administrative region to carry out a series of "Happy New Year" cultural exchanges and celebrate the New Year with local people and overseas Chinese!

Series of activities include Spring Festival Temple Fair, acrobatic performance, folk song and dance, traditional drama, jazz performance, intangible cultural heritage display, magic show, special exhibition, Lantern Festival, etc., to bring Chinese New year and Zhejiang New year to the world!The timing and itinerary were as follows:

★ From January 31st to February 14th, 30 members of the Hangzhou Art Troupe went to Uruguay to hold the "Happy New Year" in Uruguay in 2018 and celebrate the 30th anniversary special performance of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Uruguay and participated in the largest " Happy New Year " temple fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina of Latin America.

★ From February 2 to 16 , 32 people from Wu operaArt Research Academy of Zhejiang went to Switzerland, Italy and Malta to host the special performances of Wu opera, participated in the " 2018 Malta Carnival " tour activities and the opening ceremony of the "2018 Valletta Happy New Year" and the performances of the temple fair.

From February 21 to 27, the performance group of Zhejiang Wu opera Art Research Academy went to Japan for performance and exchange activities for 2018 Nagasaki "Happy New Year".

★ From February 3 to 17, the Art Troupe of Hangzhou Art School went to the Raffles Conservatory of Music in Singapore for cultural exchange and to Bangkok to attend the Fifth Sino-Thai Culture and Art Festival held by Sinakalinville University in Thailand.

★ From February 5 to 12, a group of 20 people from Yiwu Wu opera Protection and Inheritance Center went to France to participate in the "Happy New Year-enter the center to celebrate New year" activity of the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris, and held New year celebration performance activities in Strasbourg and Mulhouse of France.

★ From February 7 to 14, the cultural delegation of Zhejiang Province went to Egypt to hold a series of "Happy New Year" activities, including variety performances, jazz performances, dragon and lion dance, exhibition and sale of intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, and the Chinese Music Fountain Show.

★ From February 7 to 14, Ningbo Art Troupe went to Bulgaria to participate in the "Happy New Year" held by the Sofia Chinese Cultural Center, which was jointly established by the Ministry of Culture, and visited the friendly British city of Nottingham to celebrate the Spring Festival.

February 13-21, 15 people from Ningbo City Art Troupe went to Bangkok, Thailand, Chiang Mai and other cities to participate in the 14th Thai "Happy New Year" celebration tour activities.

★ From February 12 to 18,Chinese Orchestra of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music went to Middle Tennessee State University, Memphis University and University of Sikentaki to stage a special performance of "Happy New Year" to communicate with Confucius Institutes of the three universities.

★ From February 15 to 25, 43 members of Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra went to Chicago, Detroit, Muscatine and San Diego to take part in the "Happy New Year" concert tour and celebration activities of the Ministry of Culture in North America in 2018.

★ From February 19 to 23, Yiwu intangible cultural heritage team went to the United States sister city- Muscatine to carry out cultural exchange activities to celebrate the Chinese traditional Spring Festival.

★ From February 22 to March 1,40 people from Zhejiang Quyi acrobatics delegation went to Thailand to hold a Spring Festival acrobatics party evening in Bangkok Chinese Cultural Center and University of Bangkok Thonburi Branch.

★From February 24 to 28, a group of 30 performers from Jiangshan Wu opera Academy went to Macao to participate in the cultural exchange of the Chinese New year in 2018, and to exchange culture with local high schools.

★From March 1 to 12, Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Center Handicraft Group went to Auckland, New Zealand, Christchurch to participate in the "Happy New Year" for Lantern Festival exchange activities.

★ From March 4 to 11, a delegation from the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province went to Jordan to hold a "Happy New Year Zhejiang Culture Festival", which included the "style of silk and porcelain and fragrance of tea -Zhejiang traditional technology innovation exhibition", and the "Happy New Year" celebration in Jordan -Zhejiang folk art exhibition.

★ From 12 to 26 March, the Chinese Silk Museum went to Israel to showcase the charm of silk culture through "silk. appreciation-needlework in fashion" exhibition.

In 2018 , Zhejiang has been engaged in the "Happy New Year" , in good faith with wonderful performances!

Chinese Orchestra of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music Went to Confucius Institutes in USA

On the evening of February 17, US time, the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music completed its "Happy New Year" tour in the United States after the final performance in Memphis University. The performances were composed of national instrumental music, Shaoxing opera, Zhejiang folk songs and pop songs...[More]

Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra Visits America

The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation and an important carrier of Chinese culture. The "Happy New Year" project reflects the national position and international vision, spreading the traditional Chinese festival culture to the world. As one of the highlights of the "Happy New Year" in 2018, the Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra……[More]

Yiwu Intangible Cultural Heritage to the United States

Muscatine has deep ties to China, a city that has attracted the attention of both sides because of its indissoluble bond to comrade Xi Jinping.Comrade Xi Jinping visited the city twice in 1985 and 2012 and was warmly received by the local people. The city also has deep ties to Yiwu, which officially became a "friendly city" with Muscatine in 2017.……[More]

Zhejiang culture entered Egypt

On the eve of the 2018 Spring Festival, with deep cooperation between the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province and the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo, 66 people from four teams including Jazz Band of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Huzhou Changxing BaiyelongArt Troupe, Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Group and Music……[More]

Zhejiang Wu Opera Art Research Institute went to Switzerland, Italy, Malta.

On the occasion of the Chinese lunar New Year of the dog, appointed by the Ministry of Culture and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture, two small groups of Chen Meilan's new drama creation team from Zhejiang Wu Opera Art Research Institute went to Switzerland, Italy, Malta from February 2 to 16……[More]

Hangzhou Art Troupe to Argentina, Uruguay, Thailand, Singapore

"Happy New Year" is an important platform launched overseas by the Ministry of Culture to make the Chinese Spring Festival an international festival and to enhance the soft power of Chinese culture. It is the most extensive cultural work with the largest number of participants in China's foreign……[More]

Ningbo art troupe went to Bulgaria, Britain and Thailand

In the Spring Festival of 2018, two teams from Ningbo performing arts group went to the United Kingdom, Croatia, the Czech republic and Thailand to complete the "Happy New Year" performance activities. High-quality and high-grade art performances have made Ningbo artists shine in the Ministry of Culture's "Happy New Year" activities.This year……[More]

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