The Provincial Department of Culture organized a group to hold the cultural exchange activities of "Happy New Year" in Egypt

On the eve of the 2018 Spring Festival, with deep cooperation between the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province and the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo, 66 people from four teams including Jazz Band of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Huzhou Changxing BaiyelongArt Troupe, Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Group and Music Fountain Group were led by Cai Xiaochun, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province to hold a total of 13 cultural exchange activities of "Happy New Year" in Egypt for 8 days. There were 5 kinds of activities including folk song and dance performance, jazz concert, intangible cultural heritage handicraft exhibition, Chinese food experience, Chinese music fountain show, involving theme temple fairs, special performances, variety performances, folk exhibitions, campus celebrations and covering Spring Festival Concert, Spring Festival Temple Fair, Walking New year's Eve Dinner and other 3 "Happy New Year" sub-brands. The team returned home on New Year's Eve night.

First, the jazz band of Zhejiang music college staged a jazz concert combining Chinese and western elements in Cairo university and Arab music college and participated in the "Walking New Year's Eve Dinner" performance held by the Chinese cultural center in Cairo's Conrad hotel.

Second, Zhejiang national song and dance troupe led by Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Center held three "Happy New Year" temple fair performances in the famous tourist city of Sharm el-sheikh in Egypt and at the invitation of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, the troupe went to perform the "Chinese National Song and Dance Gala" at Cairo University with a total audience of more than 10,000 people. The troupe takes the Changxing Baiyelong Art Troupe in Huzhou as its base, with the participation of Hangzhou acrobatics General Troupe. Dragon dance, lion dance, magic, traditional opera, song and dance, acrobatics and magic were staged in a comprehensive and three-dimensional way to display folk art in Zhejiang.

Third, the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Center held the exhibition of intangible cultural heritage crafts and the exhibition of cultural and creative commodities in Sharm el-Sheikh. At the same time, it held interactive experience activities such as tea art, wood carving, rice dough sculpture, writing blessing characters and tasting Chinese food.

Fourth, Chinese music fountain and laser water show performance were staged at the Happy New Year temple fair in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Chapter 1

Auspicious Dragon enters Egypt to celebrate the New year

"Happy New Year Temple Fair" enters Sharm el-Sheikh

On February 9, 2018 Egypt's "Happy New Year temple fair" opened in the famous Egyptian tourist city of Sharm el-sheikh, which was hosted by the Ministry of Culture, the Chinese Embassy in Egypt and the Egyptian Government of Southern Sinai and undertaken by Zhejiang provincial department of culture and Cairo Chinese culture center. It was the first time that "Happy New Year temple fair" had been held outside Cairo in Egypt.

That night, Sharm el-sheikh, a world resort on the shores of the red sea beneath Egypt's Sinai mountains, shone with a bright moon and stars. In the Hollywood entertainment city where the event took place, the music fountain repaired and renovated by Hangzhou Water Show Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd., commissioned by Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Departmentwas playing Chinese music such as Jasmine, Love China, My Chinese Heart and so on under the colorful underwater lights. On the walls of several nearby buildings, huge signs in red and gold characters read the Chinese character "Best Wishes for a New Year! Happy New Year! ;Lanterns, bright red and festive, hung high above the street lamps and the square's stage…Red and jubilant festive atmosphere, pervading the entire activity scene, and the flow of people was tirelessly, full of voices, bustles. About three thousand spectators would appreciate the Zhejiang Art Troupe, taking the Changxin Baiyelong Art Troupe as the team with the Hangzhou acrobatic group's participation in a variety exhibition of dragon dance, lion dance, song and dance, magic and acrobatics.

At 9 p.m. local time, Song Aiguo, Ambassador of China to Egypt, Shi Yuewen, Cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Egypt, Cai Xiaochun, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province, Khalid Forda, Governor of Egypt's Southern Sinai Province, Masood, member of the Egyptian Parliament and Mahmoud Suriya, Mayor of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, took the stage to give their eyes to two baiye(hundred-leaves) dragons from Changxing, Zhejiang Province at the presence of audience. With the finishing touches, the joyous baiye dragon immediately briskly displayed its majesty.

Accompanied by the majestic music, the folk dance Baiye Dragonwith the charm and unique artistic conception of Jiangnan, as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects in China, became the first program of the gala. Then, a group of women with Beijing Opera rhyme and long sleeves moved like floating clouds and flowing water and performed Deep Night; the dance of the wedding festival in the South of the Yangtze RiverGongli Wedding Celebration, Chinese opera performanceMask Art and Monkey King, the Wushu performance ofButterfly Lovers "Nanshan Mianquan" created by President Zhou Qingquan of Huzhou Qingquan Wushu School , classic dance of Tea picking,magic show from Hangzhou acrobatic General Troupe Card Soul and double acrobatics of Strength, women's dance that reflects the soft and beautiful charm of the water town Festive Lantern, a traditional folk festival performance symbolizing auspiciousness Golden Lionand others went on in turns, making the audience dizzying and excited. Waves of applause overshadowed the music. The two-hour performance, featuring the elements of reunion, celebration, peace and joy, vividly showcased the rich traditional Chinese culture.

While watching the performance, the audience tasted Chinese food. Chefs from Zhejiang prepared rich Chinese dishes. Visual feasts and taste enjoyment was the flavor of the year.The voiceover told everyone that the Chinese New year was a festival of reunion, harmony and the revival of all things.Local people and tourists from all over the world applauded, raising their glasses and greeting each other.


And under the arcade next to the stage, ten square tables covered with of blue printed cloth were spread out, filled with all kinds of Chinese utensils-celadon ware with texture like congealed fat and color like blue sky, flowery and gorgeous silk, unique tea bowls with fragrant Longjing tea, Lifelike root carvings, the rice dough sculptures with vivid images…it was the display space of intangible cultural heritage handicraft from Zhejiang. There were also eight intangible cultural heritage inheritors from Zhejiang who demonstrated their skills. Guests and audiences sometimes marveled at their skills and sometimes laughed at their discoveries. The rice dough artist was surrounded by a large group of children. Colorful rice balls were made, through the artist's skillful hands, into a fake tangerine. The children were so fond of it that they wanted to take home the rice dough orange that symbolized the auspicious beginning of the Chinese New Year. The local audience was deeply touched by the lively atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture.

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