For 10 consecutive years, the group went overseas to perform "Happy New Year," and the Wu opera blew "the most dazzling Chinese style!"

State-level Zhejiang Wu opera welcome new year in Switzerland- Lv Bu Breaking in the Horse rehearsal

State-level Zhejiang Wu opera welcome new year in Switzerland- Lv Bu Breaking in the Horse rehearsal

State-level Zhejiang Wu opera welcome new year in Switzerland-actor curtain call

Wu opera in the renaissance hometown of Florence

Wu opera in the renaissance hometown of Florence

Set off a Chinese style in the historic capital of Rome

Set off a Chinese style in the historic capital of Rome

Set off a Chinese style in the historic capital of Rome-live audience

Chinese elements ignite Malta

Chinese elements ignite Malta

Chinese elements ignite Malta

Chinese elements ignite Malta-The Malta Times used two pages to report Zhejiang Wu opera performance at the Maltese Carnival

Wu opera sparkles Lantern Festival of Nagasaki Spring Festival

Wu opera sparkles Lantern Festival of Nagasaki Spring Festival

Wu opera sparkles Lantern Festival of Nagasaki Spring Festival

On the occasion of the Chinese lunar New Year of the dog, appointed by the Ministry of Culture and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture, two small groups of Chen Meilan's new drama creation team from Zhejiang Wu Opera Art Research Institute went to Switzerland, Italy, Malta from February 2 to 16, and to Japan from February 21 to 27, to participate in the "Happy New Year" series of performances, brought Chinese traditional Wu opera and folk art with strong local characteristics of Zhejiang Province to the four countries and completed 14 performances, so that the local people might appreciate the unique charm of our national intangible cultural heritage Wu opera. The wonderful performance has been praisedby the local mainstream media and the public, which has created the "most dazzling Chinese style" in the four countries.

Since the launch of the "Happy New Year" project by the Ministry of Culture in 2009, Zhejiang Wu Opera has been appointed by the Ministry of Culture and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture to perform the "Happy New Year" overseas during the Spring Festival for 10 consecutive years to spread Chinese culture.

The national intangible cultural heritage Wu opera of Zhejiang Province welcomes the New Year in Switzerland

On the evening of February 4 local time, 32 people from Zhejiang Wu Opera made a stunning debut at the kursaal theatre in the Swiss capital Bern, bringing the Chinese New Year greetings from their home country to the people of Bern and the overseas Chinese of Switzerland. Nearly 500 people attended the performance, including ambassador Geng Wenbing, overseas Chinese from Switzerland, representatives from Chinese-funded institutions, overseas students and Swiss friends.

The Super lineup performance team was composed of Chen Meilan, the famous performance artist of Wu opera, two "Plum Blossom Award" winner and two "Wenhua Award" winner, Yang Xiayun, winner of "Plum Blossom Award", Lousheng, the Magnolia Award winner, Zhou Hongwei, Provincial "Xinsong Plan" Young Actor Grand Prix Champion, outstanding young actors like Chen Lili, and national actor Hu Dongxiao, State First-Class performers like Jiang Quanqing and Du Xiangjun, second class actor Zhao Weihua vividly demonstrated the charm of the national intangible cultural heritage in 100 minutes of time. The Wu opera Lv Bu Breaking in the Horse, Raising the Bridal Sedan Chair, San Cha Kou, the Real and Fake Monkey King, Wu opera Mask Artm, Huihu, Suona solo, instrumental ensemble Butterfly Love and other Wu opera music, folk art Jiujie Dragon and other performances with unique local Chinese characteristics let the audience broaden their horizons, and applause and the sound of cheers were heard without end. The friendly interaction between the actors and the audience has led to bursts of laughter and laughter and a warm atmosphere.

On February 6, Zhejiang Wu Opera came to the second stop of the tour, the hometown of the Renaissance, Florence, Italy. At the Puccini Theatre in downtown Florence, Zhejiang Wu Opera co-starred with the Huaxing Art Troupe to perform in "2018 Florence Happy New Year Gala", a magnificent cultural feast for local citizens and overseas Chinese in Italy. With more than 700 audience to spend the Chinese year, telling the Chinese affection together.

Vincenzo Arancio, Chinese Consul General in Florence, Deputy Governor of Province of Florence, Rosalba Scialla, Governor of Prato Province, Attilio Msaaimo Iannucci of Former Italian Ambassador to China, other political, economic, art, fashion and local people, as well as Chinese and overseas Chinese from Italy, attended the performance.The local overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Florence proposed to welcome Zhejiang Wu Opera to perform again in 2019.The evening was broadcast live by overseas Chinese net and other media, and the global times and other media covered the performance.

Set off a Chinese style in the historic capital of Rome-live audience

On the evening of February 8 and 9, the Zhejiang Wu Opera Art Troupe, which traveled to the Italian capital Rome, performed two performances at the Italian Federation of Wencheng fellow townships and the Roman Music Park, bringing blessings from their hometown to overseas Chinese with strong local accents. Nearly a thousand guests at home and abroad were captivated by the charm of traditional Chinese culture. The audience applauded constantly and burst into laughter.

On the afternoon of February 10, the Corso Boulevard, which runs through the heart of Rome, Italy, had the beating of gongs and drums resounded to the skies with an extraordinary uproar. As one of the 2018 Italian "Happy New Year" activities, the street parade took place here. As soon as the Zhejiang Wu Opera troupe Strand Lions and Jiujie Dragon appeared, hundreds of people stopped to watch, and people took out their mobile phones to shoot.The leaping lion, the rolling golden dragon, the dancing actor and the passionate band all become the focus of the camera. The normally quiet avenue becomes a sea of joy.

As they walked and performed, Zhejiang Wu artists reached the people's Square in the center of Rome amid cheers from the people along the way. The Roman people's Square, which has a history of more than 400 years, has its flag fluttering, the flow of people weaving and the festive atmosphere brimming with it. Despite the cold wind and freezing temperatures in the square, the crowd was enthusiastic.At 3:30 p.m., performances by the Zhejiang Wu opera art troupe and the local Confucius institute began.

The artists brought the audience Wu opera Lv Bu Breaking in the Horse, Golden Monkey Celebrates New Year, Raising the Bridal Sedan Chair, Wu opera singing, folk music performance and folk art Jiujie Dragon and etc. and showed the audience the traditional Chinese instruments. With the help of the host's explanation and the electronic screen, the language barrier of audiences of different nationalities was eliminated and a "most dazzling Chinese style" was created.

Li Ruiyu, Chinese Ambassador to Italy, Raj, Mayor of Rome, Bianchi, Deputy Minister of Italian Culture and nearly 10,000 spectators watched the two-and-a-half-hour performance.The actors performed brilliantly, and the audience watched intently, and from time to time there were bursts of applause and exclamations in the square.

"Thank you for your artistic enjoyment." The mayor of Rome, virgenia laki, said in her speech that the performance of Zhejiang Wu Opera made the people of Rome feel the charm of Chinese culture and share the joy of the Chinese New Year.

After the performance, ambassador li visited all the staff in Zhejiang Wu Opera. Ambassador li gave full recognition to the performance on that day, "Congratulations on your successful performance in Italy, and thanks to the artists for bringing the motherland warm before the Spring Festival, bringing closer the distance between Chinese and overseas Chinese, promoting Chinese culture, and enhancing the friendship between the two countries."

Ambassador Li said that he did not know about Zhejiang Wu Opera before. Before the performance, he had a special understanding of the information of the Wu Opera Troupe. "Hearing that more than 500 performances will be completed in a year by Zhejiang Wu Opera, I felt confident. I saw the performance last night. Zhejiang Wu Opera has a really well-deserved reputation". When it was known that all the costumes and props of the performance were carried with them, and each member of the troupe only carried a small carry-on luggage, the ambassador praised the performance staff for their hard work and good quality. "Your team is very good, with all the literature and martial arts. I hope you can bring the complete Wu Opera to Italy."

Domenico, a local driver who has been following the troupe between Rome and Florence for several days, has been impressed by the actors' superb performances in the parade and the square, giving his thumbs up frequently. He said, "your performance is so wonderful that it brings me great spiritual wealth and brings me to the eastern world, and I have appreciated Chinese fairy tales."

Zhejiang Wu Opera's performance was highly appreciated by local media and overseas Chinese. The performances were reported by major local media, such as Messenger, Republic, Evening Post, Italian state television, and domestic media such as CCTV and Xinhua News Agency.

On February 13, under the arrangement of Malta's Chinese cultural center, Zhejiang Wu opera troupe represented china in a grand tour and open-air performance of Malta's carnival festival, which has a long history of 483 years. For the first time, Malta, the most important folk festival, was dressed in the jubilant "China Red".

Valletta, the capital of Malta with a population of only 10,000, was packed with about 50,000 people on that day. Half an hour of stage performance, an hour of street show. Lv Bu Breaking in the Horse, Golden Monkey Celebrates New Year, Mask Art, Jiujie Dragon, and Strands Lion turned on to appear, Wu sound was loud and clear, golden dragon twinkled and nine lions were flying in the air. The Chinese element made foreigners "stunned ", and the wonderful performances set off applause time and again. The actors and actresses of Zhejiang Wu Opera became the most dazzling stars, and the audience kept coming to inquire about the performance group. Surrounded by tens of thousands of people, the Zhejiang Wu Opera Troupe made its debut in Malta.

On the night of February 14, it rained in Malta, but this did not affect the strong atmosphere of the Chinese festival in the central hall of the Maltese Mediterranean conference center. The Zhejiang Wu Opera Art Troupe continued to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New year for "Happy New year-Maltese Happy New Year Temple Fair" activities with more than 1000 people from all walks of life in Malta.

The night of the show was both a Valentine's Day in the West and a New Year's Eve in China. In addition toLv Bu Breaking in the Horse, Golden Monkey Celebrates New Year, the Heavenly Maids Scatter Blossoms, Jiujie Dragon and other programs with the elements of festive, peaceful and Happy New Year as the main line, the troupe also presented Wu Opera, Broken Bridges, instrumental ensemble Butterfly Loveand Hulusi Solo, the Fern Leaf Hedge Bamboo in the Moonlight, to tell Chinese love stories to audiences all over the world. The show was full of excitement, exclamations, loud cries of applause.

Zhang Yiqi, acting charge d 'affaires of the Chinese embassy in Malta, Zhou Shijie, Counselor, of Commercial Section, Mario Azupadi, head of Culture, Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local Affairs, Malta, Tony abella, Justice of Malta, Rosette finick, cultural adviser to the President of Malta; ambassadors and envoys from Britain, Russia, Germany, Italy and India attended the performance. The event was broadcast live on Maltese state television and was covered by the Maltese Times, Xinhua and other Chinese and foreign media.

In 2013, Zhejiang Wu Opera was invited to participate in the Berlin cultural carnival on behalf of China. At that time, it reached the third place among 74 teams from more than 50 countries around the world.Wang Yanjun, now director of the Chinese culture center of Malta and then deputy director of the Berlin cultural center, was impressed by the troupe at the time and had been looking for opportunities to work with it again.

At the scene, Wang Yanjun expressed his deep gratitude to Zhejiang Wu Opera. He said, "the performance tonight is very wonderful and the temple fair is a complete success." On February 14 the Maltese times, Malta's biggest newspaper, ran a two-page report on the performance of Zhejiang Wu Opera in the Maltese carnival. "I've been in Malta for four years," Wang said excitedly. "the Maltese times has never written so much about Chinese groups' performances. This wonderful performance can be expected. Your performance and spirit represent the spirit of contemporary Chinese people.

It is worth mentioning that this year's temple fair is the fourth consecutive year that Malta's Chinese Cultural Center has adhered to market-oriented operations, and the box office remains popular, with the first batch of 500 restricted tickets sold out seven days in advance, creating a difficult situation in obtaining a ticket. In addition, all box office proceeds of the temple fair were donated to the "Maltese President Foundation" to improve public welfare. The National Broadcasting Corporation of Malta (PBS), the national television channel TVM, the Malta Times and other local mainstream media, the National Tourism Administration, Mediterranean Convention Center and other cooperative websites made a large number of forecasts and reports on the performance.

Zhejiang Wu, as one of the 16 teams with the longest journey sent by the Provincial Department of Culture this year to celebrate the Spring Festival, successfully completed a half-month tour of three European countries. Ye Jing, the director of the troupe and the deputy director of the provincial department of culture, spoke highly of the high quality of the staff. He said, "15 days, 3 countries, 4 places, 9 performances, everyone is very wonderful. Many comrades took part in the performance with illness and injury, which was touching. As the emissary of culture and friendship, the new drama creation team of Chen Meilan in Zhejiang province is a team with great fighting power and can win the battle at critical time.

Wu opera sparkles Lantern Festival of Nagasaki Spring Festival

On February 21, another 18-member group of Chen Meilan's innovation team arrived in Nagasaki, Japan, for a seven-day Lantern Festival of Spring Festival.

Nagasaki Lantern Festival is the largest and longest Spring Festival Chinese cultural event in Japan, and has become a famous tourist brand in Nagasaki. More than 1 million tourists from all over the country come to watch the Chinese New year every year and feel the excitement of the Lunar New year.

The performance of Zhejiang Wu was the highlight of this year's Nagasaki Lantern Festival. The mayor of Nagasaki and government officials met with key members of the visiting troupe. Nagasaki TV and local newspapers covered the whole trip and made an interview with the head of the delegation.

The first performance of Zhejiang Wu to Japan opened at 6pm on February 22. The impassioned and smart Jiujie Dragon, the witty and exciting San Cha Kou, the highly skilled Lv Bu Breaking in the Horse, the singing and dancing Heavenly Maids Scatter Blossoms and the jubilant Golden Monkey Celebrates New Year, Beautiful music of Wu opera…. The wonderful performance elicited a thunderbolt of joy at the scene. Japanese cheering "Gomballe (cheer on)" one after another.

That night, the Nagasaki city government held a banquet to celebrate the performance of the troupe, mayor Takami Fuku said in his speech that "It is very difficult for Japanese audience to see such a wonderful art performance. Thanks to the hard work of the Zhejiang Wu performance troupe, the Japanese people have learned about China's outstanding traditional culture and art."During the dinner, Mr. Takami Fuku also asked about the origin and characteristics of Wu Opera in detail. He also went to the side of several major actors to learn about their artistic experiences.

The success of the premiere made Zhejiang Wu Opera academy of art famous. Officials from the Nagasaki government and the head of the Chinese consulate in Nagasaki, who had seen the performance, praised the performance. It was even more acclaimed by the Japanese public. A taxi driver said as soon as he saw the actors in Zhejiang Wu, "I know you are actors from the Zhejiang Wu Opera Troupe in China. I know from the radio that your performance is very good."A Nagasaki local lady has been on the scene, rhythmically and gently swinging her body to the music of the Wu opera, completely attracted by the program. Her son, who was in elementary school, also practiced dragon dance at school. The dragon dance of Zhejiang Wu greatly widened his horizon. Mr. Zhang, chairman of the Nagasaki Lantern Festival Preparatory Committee, excitedly praised the show, especially for the actor Lv Bu, who was wearing such a heavy costume and was able to tumble and wrestle, which was not easy.

Shi Yongjing, director of the Chinese Cultural Center in Tokyo, who first watched Wu Opera, said the performance went far beyond her expectations. Unexpectedly, as a local opera, Wu opera was so wonderful, the actors sang and read, played and fought well, and the repertoire was very suitable for the festive atmosphere of Nagasaki Lantern Festival. Jn Japan, Zhejiang Wu performed five performances in Nagasaki Central Park, Chizu Park and Confucius Temple. The audience was packed, and tens of thousands of people watched Wu opera performances, appreciating the charm of Chinese traditional art.

As an emissary of Chinese culture, Zhejiang Wu has spread Chinese culture across more than 30 countries and regions on five continents and has made positive contribution to promoting the international influence of Chinese culture and propagating Zhejiang.

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