Ningbo performing arts group 2018 "Happy New Year" overseas performance of traditional culture

Photo taken after the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation between Sofia Chinese cultural center and Sofia municipal government

Gu Hongxing, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria, and Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova signed a MOU.

Gu Hongxing, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria, and Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova signed a MOU.

The small audience in Sofia's Central Square in Bulgaria were especially enchanted.

Performance Scene in Central Mall of Bulgarian Sofia

Instrumental Duet Fern-leaf Hedge Bamboo under Moonlight

2018 "Happy Spring Festival" in Bulgaria was opened in Serdica Archaeological Site Group

Solo Dance Bowl Dance was performed in Bulgarian Serdica Archaeological Site Group.

Double dance Butterfly Love was performed in Bulgarian Serdica Archaeological Site Group.

Audience watching the performance of "Happy Spring Festival" in Bulgarian Serdica Archaeological Site Group

The performance in Bulgarian Serdica Archaeological Site Group was over and local audience exchanged and took photos with performers.

Ms. Gennuowa (right), Director General of Sofia Bureau of Culture, Bulgaria, felt China's "Happy Spring Festival".

Yang Weiwen, Young Man’s Role of Yin School of Ningbo "Xiaobaihua" performed Perfect Couple.

Han Xiaoyin, Deputy Director General of Ningbo Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of 2018 "Happy Spring Festival" in Bulgaria.

At the opening ceremony of 2018 "Happy Spring Festival" Chinese cultural activities, leaders of two countries took photos in Bangkok, Thailand.

Performance of Ningbo cultural delegation at the opening ceremony of 2018 "Happy Spring Festival" Chinese cultural activities.

Performance of Ningbo cultural delegation at the opening ceremony of 2018 "Happy Spring Festival" Chinese cultural activities.

Ningbo cultural delegation took photos at Chinese Culture Center in Thailand.

Ningbo artists took photos in Thailand's Chinatown.

Performance of Ningbo artists in Thailand's Chinatown

Performance of Ningbo artists in Thailand's Chinatown

Performance of Ningbo artists in Thailand's Chinatown

Performance of Ningbo artists in Thailand's Chinatown

Ningbo artist presented Thai princess Sirindhorn with dance Silk Road Garment in Chinatown.

Thai princess Sirindhorn watched Chinese dance Silk Road Garment in Chinatown.

Thai princess Sirindhorn watched Chinese dance Silk Road Garment in Chinatown.

Thai Chinatown

Thai Chinatown

Thai Chinatown was decorated with lanterns and streamers.

Audience in Chinatown

Performers took a rest backstage.

Performance in Britain - Speech by Deputy Director General Han Xiaoyin

Performance in Britain - Media reporters shoot one after another.

Performance in Britain - Live Audience at Temple Fair

Performance in Britain - Male and Female Duet Reed Flower

Performance in Britain - Han Xiaoyin, Deputy Director General of Ningbo Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication,was interviewed by British media.

Performance in Britain - Pipa and Dance Dance of Yi Nationality

Performance in Britain - Double Dance Butterfly Love

Performance in Britain - County Governor Jenkins dressed up for the temple fair and expressed condolences to artists from China.

In the Spring Festival of 2018, two teams from Ningbo performing arts group went to the United Kingdom, Croatia, the Czech republic and Thailand to complete the "Happy New Year" performance activities. High-quality and high-grade art performances have made Ningbo artists shine in the Ministry of Culture's "Happy New Year" activities.This year , at the invitation of the City Hall of the United Kingdom , the Chinese Cultural Centre in Sofia , Bulgaria , and China Performance Group, Ningbo Performing Arts Group sent two teams to Nottingham, England, Sofia, Bulgaria, from February 7 to February 14, and Bangkok, Thailand, from February 13 to February 21 to perform in "Happy New Year" activities, launching a great cultural exchange and communication by Ningbo Performing Arts Group in 2018.

Sister cities have close relations

During the Happy New Year activities in 2018, none of the three countries where the Ningbo performing arts group was heading for was the first time for performance. Before this, Chinese culture and Ningbo elements have left footprints in these three countries.

First stop in Nottingham, England again. Ningbo and Nottingham have been friendly cities since 2005. Since then, the two cities have conducted positive exchanges and cooperation in economy, trade, science and technology, education, culture and other fields and achieved fruitful results. In the Spring Festival of 2017, Ningbo performing arts group performed the "Happy New Year" activity with strong Chinese flavor on Nottingham city hall square. The unique charm of Jiangnan (the south of the Yangtze River) made the local people stop to watch and praise frequently, and deeply feel the lively atmosphere of the traditional culture of Chinese festival.On February 10, 2018, the Nottingham Spring Festival Temple Fair was held as scheduled in the British City Hall Square. Although the temperature was as low as zero, it was still windy and rainy, but it could not stop the celebration and excitement brought about by the traditional Chinese New year temple fair, which attracted the people of Nottingham to the square. And the wonderful performance from Ningbo Culture and Art Troupe became the highlight of the whole temple fair.

The Chinese art troupe kept the appointment on schedule to Sofia, Bulgaria in two months. After more than a year of preparation, on November 23, 2017, the Sofia Chinese cultural center was officially opened. As the highlight of the unveiling celebration series, Ningbo Performing Arts Group performed folk customs dance drama Daughter Dream of Ten-Mile Red Dowry at the Bulgarian National Theatre. The melodious melody, delicate and beautiful scarlet ware, and the unique customs and culture of the south of the Yangtze River in China have given Bulgarian citizens a taste of a different kind of Chinese beauty. Chinese culture has gradually penetrated into the hearts of local citizens. More than two months later, the friendship between Ningbo and Bulgaria sublimated again. The "Happy New Year" activities began in a lively manner. On February 11 and 12, artists from Ningbo performed Chinese traditional culture and art in two places with Bulgarian local characteristics in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, offering Chinese New year greetings to local residents.

Silk Road Nichang is the only exchange program between China and Thailand . Appointed by the ministry of culture, In 2017, Ningbo song and dance theatre took the time-honored and profound religious culture of China and Thailand as the background, Thai Buddhist music as the keynote, meticulously created a large-scale dance with Buddhist color The Light of Buddha, performing for "Happy New Year" in Thailand.The program was well suited to Thai culture and received a warm welcome, bringing Ningbo's friendship with Thailand closer. In 2018, Ningbo City Song and Dance Theater was invited again to participate in Thailand's "Happy New Year". At 02:30 of February 15, 2018 "Happy New Year" Chinese cultural activities opening ceremony and theatrical performance hosted by Presented by the Ministry of Culture , the Chinese Embassy in Thailand , the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of Thailand , and the National Tourism Administration of Thailand and undertaken by the China Foreign Culture Group was held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Bangkok, Thailand.Yang Zhijin, vice minister of culture, Mr.Veerasak Kosurat, Director, Thailand National Tourism Administration, leaders of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand and thousands of representatives of Chinese and overseas Chinese attended the opening ceremony. February 16 , on the first day of China ' s Lunar New Year, Thailand's "Happy New Year" cultural event opened in Bangkok's Chinatown in 2018.Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in Thailand, Prayuth, Prime Minister of Thailand, Yang Zhijin, vice minister of culture, Lu Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Thailand and others attended the opening ceremony. Ningbo City Song and Dance Theater was dedicated to performing Silk Road Nichangfor Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand at the opening ceremony, which was also the only program exchanged between China and Thailand at the opening ceremony of Chinese cultural activities.

The venue of the performance is approachable and the spread of culture goes back to ancient times

The purpose of "Happy New Year" is to promote the Chinese Spring Festival to become a global festival by means of cultural communication, and to provide a good window for learning Chinese culture and understanding Chinese society. In order to gain a better communication effect and to make Chinese traditional culture deeply popular, the "Happy New Year" in Britain, Bulgaria and Thailand has been specially selected in places where the flow of people was relatively dense. It has played a catalytic role in spreading Chinese culture.

As in 2017, the Happy New Year, UK, 2018 was held in Nottingham city hall square. The performance took place in three rounds at 10:30, 12:30 and 14:00. Although the Ningbo art troupe only sent out 7 people lineup, but through careful arrangement, presented 10 programs with strong national characters including the female voice solo Spring, instrumental duet Fern Leaf Hedge Bamboo in the Moonlight, Suona solo of Happy Harvest Year, Double Dance Butterfly Love, Shaoxing opera ofGold and Jade Predestined Match, male solo dance Ink Painting, pipa solo of Present You A Rose, male Solo Gathering Together, women's solo of Auspicious, men and women singing of reed catkins, pipa and dance of Yi Dance, each of which won the applause of the British audience. Especially the famous Butterfly Love, while members of the troupe were buying hot drinks for actors at Burger King near the square, Butterfly Love was playing the music, three blond guys with blue eyes ordering food while whispering in their mouths:"Oh, The butterfly lovers!" running to the stage to watch the double dance performance, fully demonstrating the charm of Chinese classic works. Mr Sheriff is the honorary mayor of Nottingham and has visited Hong Kong but not mainland China. He said he was very much looking forward to it, especially Ningbo, the friendly city of Nottingham. On the same day, he made a special trip to attend the temple fair and visited the Chinese artists. He thanked the Chinese artists for sending the wonderful performance to Nottingham and said he would write to the Ningbo municipal government to thank them. The members of the art troupe were very happy with the kind and well-dressed old man and took photos with him, which became a beautiful scene in the temple fair square on that day.

Bulgaria's "Happy New Year" in 2018 opened at the seldika archaeological site group. On the stage, the artists of Ningbo performing arts group performed songs, dances, opera and instrumental music with strong Chinese flavor, which made the audience feel refreshing; The atmosphere of joy made the ancient ruins vigorous, and the cultures of the two countries matched each other. Iena, who studied in China, said, "it makes me feel as if I was in China celebrating New Year." At Sofia Ring Mall in downtown Sofia on February 12, Ningbo artists staged a "Chinese culture show" in downtown, presenting a popular Chinese year in Bulgaria.


In Bangkok, Thailand, Chinatown has become an ocean of Chinese culture. Everywhere in the street are lights, red, traditional Chinese garments, Chinese lanterns, Chinese lions, Chinese gongs and drums, everywhere "China red."People all learned simple Chinese to greet each other. The scene was lively. And the artists from Ningbo have performed such excellent programs as Green Jiangnan, Lotus Charm, Natural Beauties of Lakes and Mountains with Jiangnan flavor on the lively scene. In 5 performances in Bangkok on February 15, 16 and 17, the "Chinese style" performed by the artists of Ningbo song and dance theatre was remarkable.

Difficulties, extreme weather conditions, Ningbo artists were praised for their professionalism

Adapting to the climate of different countries and experiencing jet lag in the shortest time for overseas performances are of paramount importance to artists. The two teams of Ningbo performing arts group performed abroad, and the weather of the first and second teams was very different.

Britain's climate was just as bad when we complained that Ningbo people warmed themselves by shaking. As soon as Ningbo Culture and Art Troupe arrived in Britain, they felt the difference in climate between the two countries. Although prepared, there were still some actors caught a cold cough. In particular, Yang Weiwen, the young man's role of the Yin School of the Shaoxing Opera, suddenly coughed constantly and worried the whole art troupe. Some provided medicine, some stared at the contraindication diet, he became the key protection object to ensure successful performance of Gold and Jade Predestined Match.The performance took place on an open-air stage in the square. The costumes of the actors were almost as thin as silk, or even short skirts.For this reason, the art troupe was also equipped with the heating artifact, the hot packs, and has used it to the extreme. It has not lowered the performance quality because of the cold. The cool clothes of the actors on the stage were matched with the thick down clothes of the audience below the stage. And actors have won applause from the British audience for their professionalism and exquisite art.

When Ningbo was in the cold winter, Thailand had a high temperature of more than thirty degrees. In the hot sun, the temperature in the tent was over 40 degrees!The cold and hot weather made Ningbo performers and artists very uncomfortable. But when they put on beautiful costumes to perform for the Thai people, the graceful and colorful, Chinese dance with Jiangnan flavor, they brought Thai people a refreshing experience, leading people to appreciate China's unique implicit beauty. But what you didn't know was that the headgear on the head of the artists was actually very stuffy and breathless, and wearing it all day could make the whole person drowsy. On the hot day, the whole man stuffed himself in the hot long sleeves, sweating and drenched the clothes over and over again, which was very hard work. But the Thai people were generous with applause, and the laughter and cheering they gave were inspiring. Artists did their best to make Thai citizens enchanted with Chinese dance.

Art performance promotes cultural exchange and cooperation among sister cities

Nottingham Spring Festival Temple Fair has invited Ningbo artists to perform twice in the past three years. After hearing about Ningbo Art Troupe's performance in Nottingham this year, principals of several local organizations contacted.Ms. Fiz, Nottingham City Hall's head of the International Program for Economic Development, hosted a banquet for the entire art troupe, exchanging a delegation to visit Ningbo in April and participate in the Cultural Expo;Mr. Ron, Director of the City Hall Authority Museum, specially invited Han Xiaoyin, deputy director of the Ningbo Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Publication, who led the team, to the castle museum and had a full communication on the cooperation and exhibition between museums of the two cities; Jason Felix, dean of Confucius Institute at Nottingham University, came to the venue to express his desire to strengthen cultural and educational cooperation with Ningbo.Ningbo Culture and Art Troupe has received great attention in Nottingham. It not only spreads the excellent Chinese traditional culture but also builds a platform to promote the cultural exchange and cooperation between the two countries.


On February 12, local time, the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the Sofia Chinese cultural center and the Sofia municipal government was held at the Sofia municipal government building. Gu Hongxing, cultural counselor of the Chinese embassy in Bulgaria, Sofia mayor vandekova and others attended the ceremony. In order to expand the scope of future cooperation and establish a platform for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, this memorandum of understanding has been signed by both parties through consultation.In the future, the two sides will meet at least twice a year to regularly exchange information, explore potential areas of cooperation and coordinate the implementation of these projects.For example, jointly holding "Happy New Year" in Sofia; Exchange visits and exchanges between officials, artists, scholars, experts and exhibitions on the basis of mutual benefit and mutual benefit; the possibility of cross-promotion through different media channels; Explore potential cooperation projects outside the cultural and artistic fields, such as economic trade, science and technology, education, sports and youth.This memorandum of understanding is valid for three years and will be extended automatically if either party has no intention to terminate it.

China Festival, World year, overseas Spring is evident everywhere. In this "Happy New Year", the literary and art workers of Ningbo performing arts group acted as the emissary of cultural communication, letting everyone enter China, know China and love China from art. Chinese culture and Ningbo elements have been brought to more and more distant places. Extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture has also spread seeds around the world and grown in bud.

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