¡¡¡¡Blue Jiaxie, as a kind of blue printed fabric, is the historical remain of multicolor Jiaxie technique of Tang Dynasty.
¡¡¡¡China¡¯s long history of fabric printing can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty. In Sui and Tang dynasties, the printing technique using printing block or other media became mature, such as Jiaxie, Laxie, Jiaoxie. Xie (çÓ), as an ancient Chinese character, stands for dyeing pattern on fabrics or the fabric dyed with pattern, and is often substituted by ¡°dye (Ⱦ)¡± in modern Chinese. The printing material then was mainly silks. The color included monocolor, like Jiaoxie, but the extant Jiaxie is basically multicolor. (Picture 2 and 3: two examples of Jiaxie in Tang Dynasty.)
¡¡¡¡At the turn of Yuan and Ming dynasties, Huang Daopo innovated the cotton spinning technique, and cotton fabric became the most widely