¡¡¡¡Creating the original painting text of opera printing block requires basic skills of painting and certain scriptwriting capacity. This is insurmountable for most folk artisans with not high literary accomplishment. Blue Jiaxie of such folk artisansis basically old-fashioned and gloomy. While for a printing block artisan closely associated with the opera troupe, Blue Jiaxie will always take on a new look and usher a new stage of development. E.g. Master Shi Shicheng of Shi's Familyprinting block (1843-1923) was a head of folk opera troupe, and the typical opera pattern of Blue Jiaxie basically appeared in his times; Master Su Shangtie ofSu's Family printing block (1918-1996) was a part-time music master of folk opera troupe, his wife was the female lead heroine of folk opera troupe, and his Blue Jiaxie showed that opera characters appeared on the stage, then advanced with the times to show ¡°model opera¡± and rural themes. As the leading figures, they have made the due influence and contribution in this field. While their affinity with opera is a special phenomenon in the development history of Blue Jiaxie pattern.