Printing block carving of Blue Jiaxie includes five steps: level block, prepare painting text, carve printing block, link channel, duplicate painting text, etc. This inclusion is also fit for the opera printing block. The speciality of opera printing block lies in the creation of the original painting text. An expounding will be made below concerning how the printing block artisan compiles and transfers the desired opera on the stage to the plane paper draft:
  A complete Blue Jiaxie bedcover has 16 cell patterns, and the opera character is essential as the symbolic pattern. While the fee of opera printing block is far higher than auspicious patterns like flowers, birds and beasts, and different dyehouses require differently for the proportion of opera patterns in 16 cells, so that the printing block artisan would create printing blocks of different proportions in advance for the dyehouse to choose.
  Generally, the composing form of opera pattern and other supporting patterns in a Blue Jiaxie bedcover has the following types: