1. Sun Rong Goes Begging (Picture 26: Blue Printed Fabric A Story of Killing the Dog?Sun Rong Goes Begging)
  Sun Song stands in the center of pattern, and there is a young lady in simple dress at the side. Penniless Sun Song was kicked out of the house by his older brother, and a boy of the wealthy became a beggar to survive. Looking the character image in detail, the pedantry and elegant demeanour of a young intellectual still exist. That young lady may be the concubine of Sun Hua, Ying Chun, she feels surprised and rueful seeing Sun Rong begging in the way, and seems to hurry back and tell Yang Yuezhen.
  Sun Rong holds a daoqing (a form of folk art) tube in one hand and bamboo strip in another, which is the typical dress-up of intellectual beggars in traditional operas, and also the common image of distressed intellectuals in Blue Jiaxie.
  There are two common character images in Blue Jiaxie, one is angry