ĦĦĦĦAs the historical remain of multicolor Jiaxie technique of Tang Dynasty, Blue Jiaxieis the living fossil of ancient Chinese carved block printing and dyeing. Blue Jiaxie is the only one that takes opera characters as the main pattern in traditional dyed fabrics, which greatly enriches image storage of Chinese folk operas. Blue Jiaxie plays an important role in the etiquette and custom of life in the popular areas, and is an ideal landmark in the folk culture circle.
ĦĦĦĦIn technological process, Blue Jiaxie technique consists of block carving, indigo making, printing and dyeing. The technique is well preserved in Wenzhou area, but is in imminent danger. E.g. the block carving technique has been made and supplied by two printing block families of RuiĦŻan City (a county-level city). There is only one artisan in the two families capable of operation. For indigo making technique, the indigo was originally planted in Zhongyandang Mountain Foot of Yueqing City (a county-level city), Yuhu Mountain Area of Wencheng County, Tengjiao Area of Pingyang County, etc., while only