¡¡¡¡Premier Zhou Enlai once said to Cao Yu, the famous playwright, "If you intend to write the 'The History of Chinese Drama' in the future, one of the essential celebrities is Li Shutong from Tianjin, the Master Hong Yi, who is a pioneer in spreading Western painting, music and drama to China."
¡¡¡¡Li Shutong loved the drama when he was a child. When he was 9 years old, he saw the troupe's show for the first time and immediately aroused his interest in Peking Opera. Li Shutong had a keen interest in the art of drama during his stay at Tianjin. He had known the Sun Chu (Juxian, with a stage name of "Laoxiangqin"), Yang Xiaolou, Liu Yongkui and other famous masters of Peking Opera, and also appreciated the show of Yang Cuixi, a pretty actress of Bangzi opera. When he studied at Shanghai Nanyang Public School, he was deeply influenced by the students' drama show movement in Shanghai. In November 1902, Li Shutong, together with Xu Huanyuan, Huang Yanpei and others,