established the "Shanghai Scholarly Society" to offer tuition classes, hold lectures, and perform the students' dramas. Li Shutong had hosted four new dramas such as "Wenye Marriage". He wrote the script himself and composed a poem titled "Appreciation on Completion of New Dramas of 'Wenye Marriage' by Shanghai Scholarly Society". The drama "Wenye Marriage" can be said to be the work of Li Shutong for exploring new dramas. In 1904, Li Shutong participated in the Peking opera shows such as "Chongbala Temple", "Whitewater Beach" and "Huang Tianba" in Shanghai. The "Chongbala Temple", also known as "Catching Fei Degong", was taken from the ˇ°Shanggong Case", with the storyline that the thief Fei Degong took over Shuilongwo and he attempted to seize a girl named Lan Ying in a temple fair; the girl refused and was beaten to death unfortunately; later, Huang Tianba was ordered to investigate, and obtained the help of Chu Biao to finally punish Fei Degong. The two roles, Huang Tianba and Chu Biao, were played by Li Shutong at