¡¡¡¡Li Shutong was the first to engage in the creation of music songs in China, and also the first to pioneer the dissemination of Western music to China. He founded China's first music mini-magazine, who was the founder of Chinese campus songwriting.
¡¡¡¡When he studied the supplementary courses at the "Shanghai Scholarly Society", Li Shutong paid attention to the national traditional cultural heritage and used it as the theme of school music. He personally composed the songs and taught the students to sing. He created the "Collection of Chinese Songs" by selecting 13 articles from "The Book of Songs", "The Song of Chu" and ancient poetry, with the tunes of Western and Japanese music as well as two singing tunes of Chinese Kunqu opera. This was published in 1905 for use in school teaching. Among them, the "Song of Motherland" composed by him was one of a few school songs re-created on the basis of Chinese folk tune "Lao Liu Ban" at the time. "I will ride the lion