¡¡¡¡across the Kunlun and ride the crane across the Pacific Ocean. Who can swagger before me? Great people!" The soul-stirring lyrics inspired students' patriotic enthusiasm. Later, the "Song of Motherland" spread throughout the country and became the earliest famous patriotic song.
¡¡In the fall of 1905, Li Shutong left Shanghai and came to Japan for studying the Western music, art and drama theory. He also wrote poetry and articles during his spare time. In 1906, he founded China's first music magazine, "Small Music Magazine". The inaugural issue was sent to China after being printed in Tokyo, Japan. In this issue, in addition to two illustrations and three articles made by the Japanese, the covers, art paintings, editorials, music history, music songs, miscellaneous descriptions, poetry and prose were all arranged by Li Shutong under the pseudonym of "Xi Shuang". The inaugural issue published more than ten articles such as "Preface to