ĦĦĦĦSmall Music Magazine", "Biography of Beethoven", "Modern Music", educational songs "My Country" and "Spring Outing Race", new style song "Willows in Sui Causeway", and essays "Poetry and Prose!" and "On the Emotional Sense of Music". Among them, the song "My Country" became another popular patriotic song composed by Li Shutong. During the songwriting in this period, Li Shutong had further mastered the techniques of modern songwriting, laying a solid foundation for his future songwriting. Although there was only one issue of the "Small Music Magazine", it was the China's earliest music publication and played an important role in the history of music publications in China.
ĦĦĦĦLi Shutong wrote more than 90 songs in the life. He had a more comprehensive Chinese and Western music culture accomplishment, so that most of his songs were the works to express the emotions through natural scenery. The lyrics inherited the profound beauty of the