Li Shutong was a great master with a number of groundbreaking achievements in the fields of culture and art. Li Shutong had created many Chinese firsts in the fields of splendid culture and arts in China. His famous student, Feng Zikai, vividly described that "his footprints almost spread across all the fields of culture and art".
  Li Shutong was skilled in charcoal sketches, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, Chinese paintings, advertisements and woodcuts. According to the records, he was the first to introduce Western painting ideas to China, which inspired the improvement of traditional Chinese paintings. He was one of the pioneers of Chinese oil paintings, advertising paintings and woodcuts. He is also the first Chinese teacher to use nude models in the painting,
  Li Shutong went to Japan in 1905. In the fall of the year, he published the articles such as "How to Paint" and "An Introduction