Li Shutong returned to China, and taught in Tianjin and Shanghai successively. In 1912, he was appointed as a literary editor of "Pacific Newspaper", concurrently managing the supplements and advertisements.
กกกก"Pacific Newspaper" was founded in early 1912, and the editor-in-chief was Ye Chucang. Soon after Li Shutong took office, the special column of "Western Painting" was created in the supplements, and successively introduced the charcoal painting and plaster painting methods, vigorously promoting the Western fine arts. Li Shutong, who paid great attention to the inheritance of traditional culture, also published the "Epitaphs of Wei Wang Seng" from his collection of inscriptions, and personally wrote the inscription titled "Collection by Li Shutong". He also published a number of art advertising works in the "Pacific Pictorial", so that he was praised by many of researchers as the first person in modern advertising