ĦĦĦĦLi Shutong's calligraphy was regarded as a treasure by the world. There were many outstanding celebrities who tried to collect his calligraphy, such as Lu Xun, Guo Moruo, and Xu Beihong. His student Liu Zhiping also regarded the calligraphy as his own life. . During the Anti-Japanese War, Liu Zhiping even untied his clothes and used his body to protect the calligraphy against wind and rain. Although he died from the disease, he left the precious artistic and spiritual wealth for the world. The calligraphy art of Li Shutong can basically be divided into two stages before and after his tonsure.
ĦĦĦĦLi Shutong was a student of Tang Jingyan in Tianjin during his boyhood. He devoted himself to the seal script inscriptions of Qin and Han Dynasties and Three Kingdoms, as well as the stone clerical script inscriptions of Han Dynasty. He repeatedly wrote the inspections in the "Twelve Works of LongmenĦħ and "Inscriptions of Zhang Menglong". He believed that the seal script was the basis for clerical script, semi-cursive script and regular script; the hisotry