of Chinese writing could be clear only with the good knowledge and skill of seal script because it was the origin of other scripts, otherwise it was impossible to properly write. The method of writing advocated by him is to write at least 500 characters a day, and the seal script is the first, followed by clerical script, regular script and cursive script. Li Shutong was highly skillful in the imitation of calligraphy, with the excellent likeness in his writing structure, demeanor, tactics and artistic spirit. His early works were "dignified, vigorous and majestic, with different calligraphic styles". Li Shutong paid attention on the imitation, but he attached more importance to the comprehensive learning by drawing on others successful experience. "He took all the scripts intimated by Tang Jingyan as the model, and printed these scripts in a book titled 'Works of Tang Jingyan" at his own expense for sharing." Tang Jingyan once made a preface for this book: "Li Shutong loved the ancient scripts, and he sincerely invited to write these scripts and printed