Li Shutong was ordained as a monk at the age of 39, and became known to all as Master Hong Yi. He was the Master of Nanshan Ritsu. He was strict with himself throughout his life, and had made the tremendous contributions to the promotion of the Ritsu.
  First, he played an exemplary role, and was strict with himself.
  Ritsu was known for its study and insistence of vinaya. It was called Nanshan Ritsu because its founder, Master Dao Xuan in Tang Dynasty, lived in Zhongnan Mountain for a long time. Ritsu is the most practical among many Buddhist denominations. As required in the vinaya, a person must have a five-year learning of vinaya after the tonsure, so as to be able to live independently in the group. Therefore, the vinaya must be learned and obeyed by all the Buddhist monks and nuns.Hong Yi learnt and obeyed the vinaya, and was strict with himself in the life. The practice of vinaya is mainly embodied in daily life, specifically, in terms of clothing, food, housing, and transportation. After his tonsure, Hong Yi strictly ate the food