ĦĦĦĦIn the "Paintings on the Preservation of Life" of Feng Zikai with six editions, the poems in the first two editions were written by Master Hong Yi, while the poems for other four editions were written by Ye Gongchao (third edition), Zhu Youlan (fourth and sixth editions) and Yu Yu (fifth edition).
ĦĦĦĦFeng Zikai was a student of Master Hong Yi, and also a famous cartoonist. In the fall of 1928, Feng Xikai met with Master Hong Yi (in the home of Feng Zikan in Jiangwan) at Shanghai. When Feng Zikai found that his teacher had a grave expression and then asked him what he had wished for in the recent past, Master Hong Yi said that the "commandment" shown by Shakyamuni was actually an abstention from violent killing. Feng Zikai realized the state of mind of his teacher. In that year, Master Hong Yi was 49 years old. Feng Zikai had previously discussed with Li Yuanjing to publish a set of paintings to congratulate the 50th birthday of his teacher. He planned to publish 50 paintings when his teacher was 50 years and publish 60 painting