when his teacher was 60 years old. After knowing the wish of Master Hong Yi, Feng Zikai decided that the painting collection was titled as "Paintings on the Abstention from Killing". Master Hong Yi proposed to change the abstention from killing to the preservation of life. Therefore, the collection was finally titled as "Paintings on the Preservation of Life". In November, the first edition of "Paintings on the Preservation of Life" was finalized. In February 1929, it was published by Shanghai Kaiming Bookstore. Ma Yifu also prefaced the first edition of "Paintings on the Preservation of Life", and said: "Master Hong Yi, Feng Zikai and Li Yuanjing had a deep understanding of the arts, knowing that the painting is the heart. They specially presented the 'Paintings on the Preservation of Life'. The paintings were made by Feng Zikai, the articles were written by Li Yuanjing, and the poems were composed by Master Hong Yi. The perfection integration of these three persons achieved this masterpiece to interpret the vinya in the paintings. I earnestly wrote a perfect upon the