(I) Hangzhou Amusement Park-China's leisure industry booster

Hangzhou Amusement Park is located beside Xianghu Lake on the southern bank of the Qiantang River. This famous lake that witnessed the fierce battle between Goujian, the king of the State of Yue and Fuchai, the king of the State of Wu in Xishan Mountain was a wasteland before Songcheng settled in. In 1997, Songcheng Group resolutely decided to develop Hangzhou Amusement Park, the first tourist area in Xiaoshan on the Xianghu plot. In 2001, Hangzhou Amusement Park suddenly emerged during the Golden Week and became a dazzling dark horse in the Yangtze River Delta. On May 3 that year, 93,000 people flocked and created the highest record of visitors among over 300 open sights in Zhejiang at the time. From May 1 to May 6, it just took 6 days to top the reception volume list of Zhejiang scenic spots with 326,000


For more than a decade, Hangzhou Amusement Park, covering an area of 200,000 square meters, has become the largest amusement theme park in East China. It will be thrilling and exciting to the extreme, allowing visitors to enjoy the colorful leisure and entertainment life. It has become a holy place for people in Hangzhou and even the entire East China area. With recognition from tourists and good business performance, in 2001, Hangzhou Amusement Park was rated as a national AAAA Level tourist area by the National Tourism Administration. In 2008, the ¡°Park Fair¡± was selected by the Mountain People's Government as Top 10 Views of Xiaoshan.

As the representative of the second-generation theme park, the greatest feature of Hangzhou Amusement Park is that tourists can not only enjoy more than 20 carefree and thrilling super-entertainment items including the double-

loop roller coaster,the super pirate ship, UFO, free falling, the flume ride, the top-speed big pinwheel and the turntable for the brave, but also experience a series of colorful and distinctive theme activities such as Extreme Challenge Festival, Water Carnival, Absolute Halloween, and Carnival. Besides, tourists can experience the Western and Chinese leisure culture through the exotic cultural theme business streets including Holland Flower Street and the United States gold mine town.

It is the goal of Hangzhou Amusement Park to continuously fight and strive to create the theme park with the most intense leisure and recreation, greatly promote the concept of leisure and development of leisure industry in China. It has survived the fierce market competition because it firmly grasps these elements:

1. Continuously strengthen hardware rectification, get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh.

In 2009, Hangzhou Amusement Park carried out comprehensive upgrading and reconstruction of the water park, invested RMB20 million Yuan, and added about 10,000 square meters of water area, allowing visitors to experience a 20,000-square-meter ultra-luxury water world, a large water sports arena and puzzle games. This laid a solid foundation for the follow-up marketing activities.

2. Innovative planning and mature market operation mode.

Hangzhou Amusement Park continues to increase the interactive cultural activities of the scenic area while carrying out hardware upgrades and renovations. For example, the ¡°treasure hunt¡± campaign in 2001 captured people¡¯s fluke mind and curiosity, and made certain excavations and packaging for it, which was popular among the public. In 2008, a month-long ¡°absolute

Halloween¡± was grandly launched. Through the Halloween parade, ghost marriage, Halloween photography contests, Halloween concerts and other experiential performances, the overall atmosphere was packaged. Therefore, in the first place, people can re-recognize ¡°ghosts and gods¡± from a cultural point of view and get to know Western and Chinese ghost culture; secondly, looking upon ¡°ghosts¡± with game mentality, playing with ghosts and gods, try to build the concept of not fearing ghosts and gods or any difficulty in real life in people¡¯s mind; thirdly, carry out gamification of the theme of ghosts and gods, let people relax in the ¡°game¡±, experience special feelings and inject fresh vitality into the busy life. Every visitor in Hangzhou Amusement Park has completely released the pressure, fully exerted his imagination and creativity, and experienced a different kind of leisure and cultural life. Now the ¡°Best Challenger¡± campaign in cooperation with Zhejiang Satellite TV is
in full swing. According to official statistics on July 28th, 2009, the event ranks No. 1 in national variety TV programs with a audience rating of 119.1 million.

(II)Hangzhou Animation Park-the animation industry incubator

The animation industry is hailed as the industry with the most development potential in the 21st century. It has great market development space and growth speed. With great population advantages and more than 300 million teenagers, China has the world's largest potential consumer market for animation. Especially since 2006, under the strategic guidance of China's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and the joint support of China's ten ministries and commissions, China's animation industry has ushered in a rare opportunity for development.

Taking this opportunity, Songcheng Group has positioned itself as ¡°pioneering in China and becoming first-class in the world¡±, and established Hangzhou Animation Park. It built the animation hall, an indoor family parent-child joyful world experience center that targets at children and integrates science, entertainment and education, which has enhanced the overall quality of the recreational facilities for children in our province.

The Hangzhou Animation Park is an ¡°a never-ending¡± animation festival that Songcheng Group has carefully developed in order to further enhance its development quality in the animation industry. Based on the 30,000-square-meters building area of the animation hall, it invested a few hundred million Yuan in indoor atmosphere construction and recreational functional

transformation. It plans to set up a children¡¯s recreation area which contains a tree of wisdom, a children's social experience hall, an animation supermarket theme area, parent-child jungle rafting, riding and shooting, an animation recreational square and a marine world as well as a viewing and performing area that includes a forest theater, a puppet theater, a fairy tale theater and a 3D animated movie hall. It is dedicated to creating a high-quality children¡¯s recreation life hall which takes animation characters, environment and stories as the general atmosphere features, and integrates learning, socializing, educational, recreational, and fitness functions.

Compared with other exhibition halls, the animation hall has unparalleled advantages: it is surrounded by the First World Hotel invested by Songcheng Group, First World Leisure Hotel, Hangzhou Amusement Park, Outlets Mall, and the First

World Theatre. The supporting facilities are extremely well-established, with restaurants, accommodation, shopping, and entertainment just a short distance away. The adjacent Xianghu Provincial Tourism and Holiday Resort adds more radiance to the animation hall. The Animation Hall is the designated venue for the 4th and 5th China International Animation Festival. The international animation festival, which is one of the eight major cultural exhibitions supported by the National 11th Five-Year Plan for Cultural Development, receives thousands of guests and tourists from home and abroad. In 2009, the number of audience for touring and communication was up to 760,000.

(III) Cultural and Creative Industry Experimental Park-the pioneer of Zhejiang Cultural and Creative Industry

After the completion of the Hangzhou World Leisure Expo in 2006, in order to achieve scientific transformation, the Songcheng Group proposed the

development concept of the post-leisure-expo era. Under the guidance of the spirit of "promoting the development and prosperity of socialist culture" of the 17th Party Congress, the Songcheng Group considered the situation and decided to build ¡°Zhejiang Cultural and Creative Industry Experimental Park¡± based on the Leisure Expo Park built and developed during the ¡°Leisure Expo¡±.

On June 18, 2007, with the approval of the relevant departments at the provincial and municipal levels, Zhejiang Cultural and Creative Industry Experimental Park was formally established, kicking off official operation of the experimental area for the development of Hangzhou and Zhejiang cultural and creative industries. At the same time, ¡°Zhejiang International Cultural and Creative Industry Summit Forum¡±, which aims to

explore the internal connection between the cultural and creative industries and the leisure economy and the development prospects, was also successfully held at the Hangzhou World Leisure Expo Park.

Songcheng Group has relied on the strong support of the provincial, municipal and district governments, adhered to the concept of ¡°cultivating cultural and creative industries and steadily developing experimental areas¡± and the principles of scientific planning, resource integration, government guidance, and market drive, and established a government leading group., an expert consultant team and public service platforms such as information exchange, investment consulting, talent reserve, exhibition transaction, logistic service etc. It has formulated the ¡°Three-year Action Plan¡± with Xiaoshan District Party Committee and Government. With advanced technical level, diverse art forms and healthy cultural content as the main line of

development, it has the overall strategic requirement of serving the provincial cultural and creative industries, and tries to build the experimental area into the core area of the Xiaoshan cultural and creative industry, the leading area of the Hangzhou cultural and creative industry, and the demonstration area of the Zhejiang cultural and creative industry. And from the aspects of talent introduction, entrepreneurial support, publicity and promotion, rental concessions, and service guarantee, it provides strong support for the settled enterprises and ensures the scientific development of the experimental area.

1. Expand the commercial form to achieve and drive development

The experimental area has adhered to the work concept of ¡°inviting, retaining, and developing¡± companies when attracting investment, and successfully introduced over 50 companies such as Zhejiang University of

Technology Advanced Skills Training Project Department, Zhejiang Film & TV (Group) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Mingyuan Tourism Design and Research Center, Hangzhou Zhengkai Decorative Design Research Institute, and Hangzhou Yunding Advertising Co., Ltd. The commercial forms involve education, training, artist studios, network design, fashion design, digital imaging and architectural design, landscape design, advertising design, and other fields. Among them, the number of students in the first phase of the advanced skill talent training center is 800. Professional training courses such as animation design and industrial design are offered, which will provide rich talent resources for the local cultural and creative industries; Chinese Mother-in-law VS Foreign Daughter-in-law produced by Zhejiang Film & TV (Group) Co., Ltd., in May 2009, won ¡°the award for the Most Popular Comedy Movie in the 9th Film & TV Lily Award¡± issued by the State Administration of Radio Film and
Television, and made its due contribution to the development of the cultural and creative industry in Zhejiang.

2. Enrich activity content to achieve win-win results.

In order to increase the social awareness of the experimental area and enhance its brand, it often organizes a variety of display and promotion activities in line with the operating model of the area as the platform and companies as performers. For example, the ¡°Eight Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Experts¡¯ Show¡± held from April 29th to May 5th, 2009 was jointly sponsored by the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the Wuzuo Ren International Arts Foundation. The show focused on works exhibition of 8 Chinese painting and calligraphy masters including Deng Lin,

the national Level One artist, and attracted many professionals and social audiences for appreciation.

At the same time, the experimental area successfully held a five-day special event of the ¡°5th China International Animation Festival, Zhejiang Cultural and Creative Industry Experimental Area, West Lake Creative Market¡±, bringing together nearly 80 groups and individuals from creative communities across the country to participate in the exhibition. The "College Student Creative Entrepreneurship Forum" that was held during the period received wide attention from university students with entrepreneurial dreams. The social awareness of the creative area has been further improved.

(IV) First World Hotel-leading the development of conference hotels in the Yangtze River Delta

Located in Hangzhou Leisure Expo Park, the First World Hotel is the first

tropical rainforest theme hotel built according to the five-star standards in the Yangtze River Delta. The hotel has more than 800 rooms, more than 1,000 beds, and 21 meeting rooms, and can provide 5000 seats for dining simultaneously. The rich Thai tropical rainforest theme of Southeast Asia constitutes the greatest feature of the hotel. Under the fully transparent sky dome is a flowery Southeast Asian Tropical Botanical Garden. Each guest who enters hotel rooms, conference rooms, restaurants and other leisure venues can enjoy breathtaking views of Hangzhou Amusement Park, Xianghu Lake, and Loch Ness externally, and the magnificent and magical fairy tale world in the atrium internally.

"Conference and holiday" is the consistent theme of Hangzhou First World Hotel.It can receive over 300 medium and large-scale conferences throughout the year and is a veritable conference expert. Since the opening, the hotel

has undertaken many large-scale, high-level and strong-influence meetings such as the Ninth World Leisure Conference in 2006, the Eighth National Academic Conference on Respiratory Diseases of the Chinese Medical Association in 2007, the fourth and the fifth China International Animation Festivals. It has received the attention and affirmation from all parties with complete supporting facilities, beautiful and unique holiday environment. On July 25, 2009, at the Fifth China International Conference and Exhibition Culture Festival held in Chengdu, Hangzhou First World Hotel was awarded the "Golden Dolphin" Award for China's Convention and Exhibition-"China Top Ten Brand Conference Hotels". It was the only hotel in Zhejiang that has won this honor.

In addition, the Outlets brand direct-selling square under the Songcheng

Group is the first internationally innovative and mature commercial retail business in Zhejiang Province, and will build the most authoritative commercial retail model with brand advantages and unique features. The real estate model based on the diversified leisure culture orientation created and practiced by the Songcheng Group integrates tourism, leisure, vacation, health, and home functions, which will surely lead the first trend of leisure living in China.


At present, the stock companies under the Group are accelerating the pace of listing based on the strategic deployment of the Group and strive to connect the capital market as soon as possible, striving to become the first stock of private tourism performing arts in China in the growth enterprise market. Songcheng Group will give full play to its advantages in the cultural

industry and tourism industry, actively participate in the application of "Songcheng Eternal Love", "National Five Top-One Project" and "National Stage Excellent Project", and actively understand the specific project information of the national, provincial and municipal cultural system reforms. Besides, it will insist on the combination of art and audience, art culture and market, cultural industry and capital market, create a successful market-oriented path for the development of China's cultural tourism performing arts industry, and make greater contribution to the development of leisure tourism and cultural and creative industries. In the future development process, Songcheng Group will strive to achieve the strategic goal of ¡°creating No.1 brand of China's tourism and leisure industry¡± with its own advanced development concepts and strong comprehensive strength.