Culture requires inheritance as well as lively forms of expression. If Songcheng is ahistorical picture on the banks of Zhijiang River which redraws the prosperity of the ¡°Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival¡±, then the most shining center of the picture is ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡±. ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡±, the unparalleled historical drama that spans a thousand years of history and highlights the profound cultural heritage and folk features, is carefully created by Songcheng Group with its cultural connotations and corporate culture foundation.

Regardless of social or economic benefits, "Songcheng Eternal Love" has created a miracle in the Chinese cultural performing arts market. It is not only a cultural boutique, but also a brand-new tourist product that can give tourists a strong sense of impact. With the ever-increasing influence of

¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡±, it has become a cultural symbol of Hangzhou and even Zhejiang as well as a window for foreign friends to understand Hangzhou and China.

(I) ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± Creation and Development History

In 2000, Songcheng Eternal Love, a large-scale song and dance dram generally directed by Mr. Huang Qiaoling, Chairman of the Group, and independently created by the Songcheng Art Troupe, was put on the stage grandly. The investment of the first version was RMB20 million Yuan. It was initially performed in the open air with relatively simple viewing and playing equipment. Moreover, as a cultural product developed by a private enterprise, it was greatly restrained in terms of strength and system at that time. But in order to ensure the performance quality, Songcheng Group still

actively sought cooperation and visited many performing arts experts.

The launch of "Songcheng Eternal Love" fulfilled the promise of "giving me one day, and you will experience the millennium" which was made at the beginning of the construction of the scenic area. Despite the fact that in the beginning, the performance had very few audience and sometimes the weather was terrible, all the performers stuck to the entire performance meticulously because of their persistence for arts and love for the charming Song Dynasty. As "Songcheng Eternal Love" were recognized by more and more tourists and citizens, its weak hardware conditions also became increasingly prominent.

The open-air stone stage was cold in winter and hot in summer. With the abundant rainfall in Hangzhou, the time with the weather that met the normal

performance conditions was only 90 days each year. In order to completely change the situation, solve hardware bottlenecks, and promote the overall improvement of performance quality, in 2002, Songcheng Group invested RMB50 million Yuan to build the Songcheng Grand Theatre. Based on the core framework of the original version, it created and launched the theatre version of ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± that had a strong cast. The drama had over 300 performers, bold concept, classic and unconventional technique, and thoroughly presented the five stories ¡°Light of Liangzhu¡±, ¡°Song Palace Feast Dance¡±, ¡°Shining Spears and Armored Horses¡±, ¡°Legends of the West Lake¡± and ¡°Gathering in Hangzhou¡±, arousing strong resonance from the audience. Its box office revenue and audience reception volume increased exponentially year by year. The market responded enthusiastically and it
caused great repercussions in the industry.

In 2006, the excellent performance of "Songcheng Eternal Love" attracted the attention of the relevant leaders of the Central Government and all walks of life. In September of the same year, the leaders of the Central Government, the Central Propaganda Department, and the Ministry of Culture highly praised the performance.

Comrade Li Changchun, the member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, stated on the report of Xinhua News Agency "Domestic Dynamics Clearance" (Volume 3146) "Songcheng Eternal Love Is Always Enduring": The combination of culture and tourism and the combination of performing arts market and tourism market are good experience which is worthy of propaganda and reports; Comrade Liu Yunshan, the member of
the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the secretary of the Secretariat, and the Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, stated: We can summarize and introduce the experience of "Songcheng Eternal Love" playing forever and promote the reform of the performing arts industry. Subsequently, central media such as China Central Television and the People's Daily delivered relevant reports and publicized and introduced the successful experience of "Songcheng Eternal Love" to the people all over the country.

Driven by leaders at all levels and the media, in 2007, ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± reinvested RMB50 million Yuan and launched the most comprehensive renovation project since its launch: For stage hardware, it added a large LED screen, perfectly combined the stage plot, performance background, props and video images to create more realistic and stunning scene effects;

The water stage and stage machinery were reconstructed to reproduce the scene of the ¡°Meeting at Broken Bridge¡±; the theater spray system was enhanced to allow the audience to experience the authenticity of the tea gardens in the misty rain and fog of Jiangnan as the stage scenario changed. At the same time, it also had all-around improvements of the stage design and lighting. Through this large-scale rectification, the artistic expression level of "Songcheng Eternal Love" has been transformed from 3D to 4D. The plot was more compact and vivid, and the stage effects were more shocking and realistic. In the small space, thousands of arrows shot at once, which was difficult to distinguish; the misty smog, rain-stained clothing; landslides and cracks were close at hand. The perfect stage effects made the audience feel fresh and amazed. It was precisely this unique product character and all the cast members who were pursuing perfection that created the long-standing "

success of "Songcheng Eternal Love" since its creation. On June 6, 2009, Comrade Li Changchun, the member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, watched ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± and then commented: ¡°This performance expresses the historical and cultural heritage of Hangzhou and is magnificent, shocking, and touching. It¡¯s a stage boutique.

(II) ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± made innumerable great achievements after nine years of sharpening

In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the development of the cultural industry, paid attention to the development of the private economy and the reform of the performing arts system, and launched a series of policies to support the development of private enterprises, especially cultural and creative industries. In this historical context, after

years of unremitting efforts and persistence, "Songcheng Eternal Love" has achieved leapfrog development. The number of average annual performances has reached more than 1,000, and the annual audience is more than 2 million, which show a strong momentum of year-on-year growth. In 2008, "Songcheng Eternal Love" received more than 2.1 million audiences and presented 1,100 performances; in April 2009, "Songcheng Eternal Love" set the highest historical record of eight performances in a single day and 100% audience attendance, creating the miracle of the cultural performing arts industry; only in the first half of 2009, there were more than 634 performances, and the number of audiences received exceeded 1.24 million with a year-on-year increase of 17.87%, and the box office revenue increased by 36% year-on-year. In 2008, the ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± performance paid over RMB32 million Yuan, directly solved and drove more than 5,000 people for supporting tourism
and catering jobs, and directly launched the night tourism market of 2 million visitors per year for Hangzhou. According to the United Nations ratio of 1:7, "Songcheng Eternal Love" has attracted more than RMB one billion Yuan in consumption of relevant service industries.

In the process of continuous development, "Songcheng Eternal Love" has also been praised by people from all walks of life. In 2004, "Songcheng Eternal Love" was honored with the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Literary and Artistic Creation" issued by the Hangzhou Municipal Government, and was officially designated as the 7th China Arts Festival Exhibition Play. As an artistic performance that was completely created by a private company, it appeared in the national art gala on behalf of Hangzhou.

(III) Creation Experience of ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡±

1. Adhere to local characteristics and take roots in local culture

There is no soul of the drama without the cultural connotation. "Songcheng Eternal Love" has firmly grasped the essence of local culture at the beginning of creation, and is deeply rooted in the long history and culture of Hangzhou. The five chapters in the play center around the history of Hangzhou and the cultural characteristics of the Song Dynasty. Just in an hour, classic historical legends of White Snake and Xu Xian, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Yue Fei and the emperor of Song Dynasty are presented incisively and vividly, which are beautiful and touching, majestic and powerful, exceedingly sentimental, or soul-stirring¡­it artfully reproduces familiar historical allusions and legends.

2. Adhere to the cultural mass and cultural diversity

¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± is a literary program, but is first and

foremost a tourist product. She must have the basic features of being fun, suitable for both young and old and for both refined and popular tastes. At the same time, as a large-scale song and dance performance in Hangzhou, it must also have a profound national character and an open international nature. "Songcheng Eternal Love" closely relies on Hangzhou and West Lake, seizes the historical context of Hangzhou over the millennium, learns from the artistic expressions of domestic classic performances and the stage design of large-scale foreign performances etc. It has learned from different schools, absorbed from the perspective of enriching local culture and expression means, made foreign things serve China and ancient things serve the present, making the entire performance elegant but unpretentious, lively and not dignified.

The stage performance of "Songcheng Eternal Love" brings together various elements such as dance, acrobatics, and fashion shows. It combines the classic

connotations of Eastern and Western mass cultures. In the fifth chapter, the folk performances of Taiwan and Japan and South Korea are specially set up. In the process of interpreting history and culture, the performances not only adhere to the national cultural traditions, but also give a feeling of intimacy to international tourists; they not only cater to the aesthetic taste of the Chinese people, but also closely integrate with the international market.

3. Stick to joint operation of the performance and the scenic area

The ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± performance has combined with the Songcheng Scenic Area perfectly. It relies on the popularity and influence of the Songcheng Scenic Area brand, and becomes the soul of the Songcheng Scenic Area as well. It uses a more vivid stage language to express thousands of years of history to the audience, which effectively proves the Songcheng Group's

development concept of ¡°architecture as the form and culture as the soul¡±. Songcheng Scenic Area has restored the sights of pavilions, terraces and open halls, the marketplace and folk customs, the prosperous Qiantang in the Song Dynasty. ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± has strived to build a sense of the profound history of the Song dynasty. It has closely integrated the performances with the scenic area, while not being rigidly tied to history. The use of high-tech means such as lasers, water curtains, magic lantern arrays, and smoke which have a strong sense of modernity, has made the performance more lively and shocking. It is this inspiring and innovative performance way that makes ¡°Songcheng Eternal Love¡± the soul of Songcheng Scenic Area.

4. Insist on innovation and breakthrough, and follow no set form

For a long time, "Songcheng Eternal Love" adheres to the creative principle that "Art derives from life but it is beyond life". With its unique advantages, it always adheres to the innovative principle of " a small change every day, a big change every year," and exerts a powerful independent creative ability. The creative team has extensively inspected and learned from the art essences of many domestic and foreign classic performances, broke through technical limitations, and cooperated with professional stage machinery production companies to create the newest domestic non-standard indoor stage mechanical system. At the same time, bold use of advanced stage landscape art, ingenuity of stage props, lighting and stage design facilities combination, using unique stage performance techniques, make the entire stage having clear layers, misty rain and deep meaning, and achieve the wonderful perfect effect in each corner of the theatre.

The success of "Songcheng Eternal Love" cannot be separated from no set pattern of artistic innovation. Over the years, Songcheng has actively selected cadres and staff to inspect both at home and abroad, learn from the successful experiences of domestic and foreign outstanding performances, and timely capture inspirations and transform them into specific creative ideas. At the same time, it has insisted on communicating with travel agencies at home and abroad from time to time to understand the situation of tourists in a timely manner, and to adjust the performance plays according to the composition of the tourism team in different periods to meet the cultural needs of different regional teams. It is this never-ending innovation spirit that makes "Songcheng Eternal Love" always grow up with the audience so that the audience never get tired of seeing it for there is always something new.

5. Adhere to the strict but flexible personnel mechanism

From inviting external teams for performances to nurturing its own art troupes, Songcheng people are deep aware of the importance of talents. With these flexible business models, the Songcheng Art Troupe continues to grow and now has a high-quality performance team of 300 professional dance, acrobatics and model performers, and has become the largest private troupe in the country.

As a private art troupe, Songcheng overcomes the initial actor bottleneck, gives full play to the advantages of flexible systems, conducts strict professional technical examinations on actors, and utilizes economic levers to activate the enthusiasm of actors. In terms of selecting, using and cultivating staff, it establishes and improves the assessment reward and punishment mechanism, sets up the performer rating system, and determines

performers¡¯ employment and salary according to the assessment results.

In order to enhance the performers¡¯ artistic accomplishment and cultural quality, the Group also actively cooperates with universities such as Zhejiang University to strengthen their education and training. At the same time, with the establishment of a reasonable performer retirement mechanism, when the performers retired from the front line, other positions of the scenic area and the company will be arranged, thus eliminating the worries of the performers.