Songcheng Group has always paid attention to the quality of human life and the pursuit of humanistic care. It has successfully developed Longquan Mountain, Chinese Fishing Village, and Yunhe Lake with the concept of sustainable development, emphasizing the full integration and exchange of people and nature. Together with Songcheng Scenic Area, it has gradually and successfully built "the mountain, the sea, the lake and the city" tourism pattern.

(I) Longquan Mountain

Longquan Mountain is located in Fengyang Mountain National Nature Reserve, Longquan City, Zhejiang Province. It is 45 kilometers away from Longquan City, and its main peak is 1929 meters above sea level which is the highest peak in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

The climate environment of Longquan Mountain is similar to that of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It forms a unique natural wonder of plateau lakes, alpine meadows, and cloud sea rime. It is a unique four-season resort base in southern China with both virgin forests, plateau climate and environment.

Longquan Mountain is the birthplace of Oujiang, the second largest river in Zhejiang. It is also the creation base for Chinese photographers and the first demonstration base for ecological environment in Zhejiang. It has now opened five major scenic areas namely Strangely-shaped Pines on Bold Cliff, Huangmaojian Peak, Oujiang Source, Longquan Grand Canyon and Qixing Pool.

Songcheng Group adheres to the implementation of the high-quality tourism strategy and builds industrial clusters including high-end hotels,

international conference centers, and mountain resort villas in the Longquan Mountain Tourism Resort to integrate conferences, tourism, and leisure and vacations, and become a model of mountain resort tourism in South China which has international standards, excellent facilities, first-class service, beautiful environment and vivid image.

(II) Chinese Fishing Village

Chinese Fishing Village is located on the banks of Shipu Harbor, one of the four largest fishing ports in China. It is a leisure community project developed by Songcheng Group with the theme of marine culture, integrating culture, lifestyle, and seaside living in the fishing area. It is the most distinctive and largest marine culture leisure city in China.The "Fishing Village" boasts many historic sites, such as the Erwan Moya

Stone Carving that proves brilliant achievements of officers and men fighting against Japanese pirates in the Ming Dynasty, the exquisitely built City God Temple built in the Ming Dynasty, the ruins of the Ming Dynasty Beacon Terrace in the Jinji Mountain, and the station troops and anti-Qing relics of Zhang Huangyan on Huaao Island in the late Ming Dynasty. Since its opening, it has been honored as ˇ°Zhejiang Top Ten Summer Resortsˇ±, ˇ°Ningbo City Top 10 Charming Scenic Areasˇ±, ˇ°Ningbo City Top 10 Integrity Scenic Areasˇ± etc., becoming the largest comprehensive marine cultural tourism project in China.

An exquisite name card for a large coastal leisure community in China.

Every September, the Grand Fishing Festival is held in the Chinese Fishing Village. In the past 10 years, the festival has gained richer content, greater influence, more charm, and has already become a marine gala festival and a fisherman carnival with Chinese characteristics.

(III) Yunhe Lake

Yunhe Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Zhejiang. It is full of clear water, beautiful scenery and environment. The water area is 35 square kilometers. Every morning after the rain, there are thick layers of fog that covers the surface of the lake. It looks like a sea of clouds, so it is famous for ˇ°Splendid Fog at Yunhe Lakeˇ±.

Yunhe Lake scenic tourist area is located in Yunhe County. The project covers a total area of 3130 mu (about 2,086,667 ©O). The scenic area boasts Yunhe Lake and spans Longquan, Yunhe and Lishui, emphasizing the participation and interaction of leisure projects. The Songcheng Group Yunhe Lake Resort Hotel has now started construction. Next, a small town with a Swiss style that combines natural ecological topography, beautiful surrounding scenery

and the overall planning of the entire Yunhe Lake will be built by the Songcheng Group in the next few years.