The City Site remains cover an area of 631ha in total and is composed of the Palace Area, Inner City and Outer City, which are arranged in a centripetal triple pattern from inside to outside, with ancient river channels running through. According to 14C dating result, the peak construction period of the City Site was between 3000BC and 2850BC, and it was continuously used till about 2300BC, belonging to middle Liangzhu culture period to later phase of late Liangzhu culture period.

The palace area is located at the center of the inner city, and its remains cover an area of 39ha, including Mojiaoshan Terrace - a large artificial terrace, and Huangfenshan and Chizhongsi Terraces on the southern side. The inner city is enclosed by city walls, and its plane is a slightly rounded rectangle; its remains cover an area of 280ha. (with the palace area included), and all the sites inside the city were arranged around the palace area in the center. Two cemeteries are located to the west of the palace area, namely the high-grade Fanshan Cemetery and medium-grade Jiangjiashan Cemetery from north to south. In other areas of the inner city, there are 20 settlement terraces, including handicraft workshops. In the outer city, there are 17 artificial terraces and 2 graded cemeteries. The outermost 11 terraces connect intermittently,