management project was continued to advance in the city-building process. The Peripheral Water Conservancy Systemhas functions like flood control, water storage, irrigation, and water transport. It is the earliest multi-functional comprehensive project and the earliest large site of water conservancy project inChina known until now, as while as one of earliest dam system ever found in the world. The sites and remains surviving till today not only reveal the scale and construction technologies of early water resource management project of humanity, but also reveal the significant indivisible connection between water resource management and early states.

I.High-dam at the Mouth of the Valley

High-dam at the Mouth of the Valley, a part of the Peripheral Water Conservancy system of the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City, is located about 11km northwest of the City Site and extends eastward and westward to the mouths of two valleys between mountains. This site is still under archaeologically excavation and study. So far, 6 dam sites have been discovered, and are about 2.3km apart from the east to the west. They can be divided into two groups - east group and west group. The east group consists of Ganggongling Site, Laohuling Site and Zhoujiafan Site; and the west group consists of Qiuwu Site, Shiwu Site and Mifenglong Site. These